Quantek dB Electronics serves the Broadband Industry as a manufacturer of test equipment, equalizers, pads and plug-in accessories for more than 15 years.

We are committed to providing reliable, quality products at the most competitive price.
The production line is equipped with the latest Surface Mounting Technology. This high speed equipment enables us to reach high quality standards and large production volumes favoring on-time delivery.
Our products are carefully inspected through our Network and Spectrum Analyzers and meet or exceed original manufacturer's specifications.

The Company has continually upgraded engineering and manufacturing processes to increase productivity and overall profitability and meet the customer's expectations and requirements.

Please explore our site to see the products that we currently offer to our customers. We look forward to answering your questions and discussing your needs.

Our Products
Our Products are designed and made in USA.

Our plug-ins meet all OEM specs and published values. They are manufactured with quality components, 2 layer PCBs and gold over nickel connector pins for superior conductivity and durability. The Typical Insertion Loss of the EQs, at specified maximum frequency, is 0.5dB. The Typical Return Loss is better than -20dB. The Typical Flatness is +/- 0.15dB.

Feel free to contact us for custom products or frequencies to meet your specific requirements.

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